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Online business showcasing relies upon the usage of appropriate tools in website improvement. Probably the best approaches to check your site's advancement is by knowing your page authority. Page Rank is an algorithm used by the Google search engine to measure the authority of a webpage. This measurement is used to assess the particular page positioning in internet searcher results pages (SERPs). It is generally accepted that the number and significance of inbound connects to that page are a huge factor. This tool is developed by Moz SEO which gives suggestions on how well a certain page will rank on SERP as I already mentioned. Similar to Domain Authority rate, this score ranges from 1 to 100 points on logarithmic scale. Higher the score, more is the chance of the web page to rank higher in SERPS.

How to Utilize PA Checker

There are so many platforms/tools available on the web to check the PA of a webpage. Most of them are trustworthy tools to check PA and DA in MOZ. You can utilize MOZ PA checker to check the accurate score in a single click without even wasting your precious time. Get yourself registered on MOZ and just install MOZ bar on Google chrome and more over the tool is absolutely free to check PA. It is always better to use the tool that provides the most accurate score. PA checker will provide you the individual Page Authority rank just like the Domain Authority.


Though PA tool is valuable to assist better with seeing how contenders are positioning, the possible advantage of certain backlinks, and to foresee how possibly a page is to rank in the SERPs. But One of the main limitations of page rank authority checkers is that the score result always changes and fluctuates. The score fluctuates due to change in the link profile. So, changes in your links will directly affect the PA score of your web page. Which means that we can't just rely on one factor to know the overall ranking of a webpage.


Google provides several criteria to get your page rank and these also affect the scores.The right method is to create some order in your linked profiles. You have to analyse if the page has sufficient strong links to attain good page authority. You have to check if the page has links from bad websites that have bad scores in search engines. Every website has its reputation which users have to check before considering the website for linking purposes. This will let you know to put more exertion in SEO. A high Page authority score implies your page can possibly rank well in web crawler results.