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Bulk URL Opener

Bulk URL Opener

Overview on Bulk URL Opener Tool

As we know that SEO professionals or IT professionals have to open multiple links at a time on a daily basis which makes browser's speed slow or the programs hangs or freezes. It gets exceptionally baffling when such things happen over and over, particularly during the hectic schedules. In the present rivalry and non stop work routine climate, there is an enduring need of quick web perusing to build profitability and productivity. One of the easiest and best answers for this issue is that we can utilize Bulk URL Opener tool. Bulk URL Opener is a fantastic tool that you can use to load and open various URLs at once (in new tabs or windows).

How to Use Bulk URL Opener

You need to just open Bulk url opener on your device and tap on the image of Bulk URL opener and paste the multiple URLs in the textbox. Enter every URL in a new line and hit the "Open All" button which will open the different urls in discrete tabs in a few seconds. The URL’s will open in separate tabs or windows relying upon your settings.


It's never been simpler to open different URLs simultaneously. Instead of opening each URL manually which is a bit time consuming process for busy internet users or professionals. In this case you can use this tool to open as many URLs as you want.

  • There is no restrictions on URL opener
  • This tool can be used with any browser of your choice.
  • It Helps to save your precious time
  • It brings more efficiency in your work.
  • The tool is absolutely free and simple to use.


An internet user always needs to save time to do multiple work, which leads to opening various tabs at once and that reduces the speed of the program and sometimes the program stops responding. This is tedious for the experts, particularly the individuals who are dealing with some time-bound jobs. To handle this issue, the URL opener is a valuable tool to open various connections at one single time without wasting your precious time. Hence, Bulk URL Opener assists you to do the work more efficiently and in an easy manner without any hassle.