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What is Moz Domain Authority 2.0? How it will affect your website and where you can check it?

On March 5, 2019, Moz has just announced the Domain Authority 2.0 promising that search marketers, SEO professionals or even site owners can easily understand and find their website score to rank in SERP results.

The major SEO factors which are considered by Moz Domain Authority 2.0 are

After this new version update of Domain Authority, bloggers, site owners can see a drastic change in their website domain authority as new domain authority will consider the quantity as well as the quality of the links pointing to your website.

You can use our Multiple DA PA Checker tool to find your website DA now.

Why Use the Multiple DA PA Checker Tool?

Moz Domain authority is one of the important SEO metrics universally accepted by all Digital Marketing Giants to easily calculate the quality of any online website with just a single number.

We recommend you to use our tool to

What SEO Metrics Tool will calculate?

Domain Authority: DA stands for domain authority, is an SEO metrics introduced by Moz which is known as the strength of a domain or a website. It ranges from score 0 to 100. The higher the score you have the higher will be your website domain authority.

Page Authority: This is different from domain authority as it is the strength or authority of a single web page in a website while domain authority is calculated for the overall domain.

Moz Rank: MozRank is a term taken from SEOmoz's logarithmically scaled 10-point measurement of popularity of a given webpage. It is used to calculate the link popularity in comparison to others.

Alexa Rank: It is said that the lower a website Alexa rank is, the higher will be the online popularity of the website. Alexa is a global online website ranking system that taken into account the web traffic to a website to calculate its Alexa rank and web traffic.

IP Address: IP (also known as Internet Protocol) address is a physical address connected to your personal computer, laptop, or mobile devices for communication. Each website has its own IP address.

Google Indexing: Google search engine indexing is the process of adding websites, web pages into Google search. This tool results in either "yes" or "no". If it says Yes, that means your website pages are crawled by Google Bots or if it says No, that means Google bots have still not indexed your website.

How to use Check Moz Domain Authority Checker tool?

Our domain authority checker tool is very easy to use.A developer, internet user, SEO expert, webmaster or a site owner can use it with these easy steps:

It not only shows domain authority but also shows page authority, Moz rank, Alexa rank, IP address and Google Search engine indexing of the website.

What you can find or calculate from Moz Domain Authority Metrics?

If you know what is your and your online business website and your competitor website domain authority then you can calculate the following things easily:

Major Factors Moz Consider to Calculate Domain Authority

How can you improve your website domain authority?

The key solution for improving DA of your website, blog or your client's online Store is to focus and improvise the major factors which affect the Moz Domain Authority.

One of the popular white hat SEO practice is creating quality backlinks which are basically acquiring links from high domain authority and theme based sites. Getting backlinks from a site with a higher domain authority are usually counted better than the backlinks from a website with lower domain authority.

If you are a webmaster or an SEO professional, then you must know that "content is always the king". Quality content on your website will get more audience and visitors to your website. Make sure, the content should be audience-friendly, unique and informative at the same time.

So these are the major factors to focus on for improvising your website domain authority.